Saturday, April 18, 2009

Safeguard Your Car from Thieves

If your car is stolen, then for sure it is no less than a trauma. Or if some valuable belongings are taken, then you may feel disturbed. But it is quite easy to prevent such incidents. Follow the following rules.

• Never forget to lock your car.
• Park it at a secure place with a nearby street lamp.
• Get a car alarm.
• Tracker is also of great help.
• Keep the vehicle documentation with you. Do not leave it in car.
• You can ever get the registration number etched on the windscreens, windows, stereo and even headlights.
• Use a steering lock every time.
• Do not leave any belongings on display be it your bag, mobile phone or wallet.
• If you have a garage, then park your car inside.

All these tips, if followed, will surely help in relieving the tension of a car theft.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why use internet to sell your car?

Well there can be numerous reasons for selling the old car, like buying a new one, getting one form company, or simply your family has extended in size. Reason may be any, but there it is. But while selling your car, consider the following so that it does not become a stress, but a pleasant experience.
Perhaps you may think about whether you will get good price or the time period to find a buyer. Well you can start with advertisement in local newspapers. But due to limited words length, you may not be able to elaborate the information.

Next option is internet. It is considered to be the best way to solve all your problems. It is comparatively cheaper, allow you to provide a lot more information with multiple photographs of your car. It also facilitates you to modify your ad as and when required and reach a huge audience. And above all, the moment you advert, the same it is active.