Saturday, April 18, 2009

Safeguard Your Car from Thieves

If your car is stolen, then for sure it is no less than a trauma. Or if some valuable belongings are taken, then you may feel disturbed. But it is quite easy to prevent such incidents. Follow the following rules.

• Never forget to lock your car.
• Park it at a secure place with a nearby street lamp.
• Get a car alarm.
• Tracker is also of great help.
• Keep the vehicle documentation with you. Do not leave it in car.
• You can ever get the registration number etched on the windscreens, windows, stereo and even headlights.
• Use a steering lock every time.
• Do not leave any belongings on display be it your bag, mobile phone or wallet.
• If you have a garage, then park your car inside.

All these tips, if followed, will surely help in relieving the tension of a car theft.


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