Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finding Good Insurance Agents For Your Auto


1. Talk to minimum five agents. See who can provide least quote.
2. See the professionalism of the company. Demand customer references and see how satisfied they’re with the services of your insurance agent.
3. Take written contracts, not oral promises.
4. There are organizations that monitor industries and company. Ask the ratings that they have received from these organizations. A or A++ ranking should be acceptable only.
5. Transact with agents who can provide you the policy that you need and doesn’t tries to push you to a policy that he wants to sell.

Tips & Warnings
• Your agent should be empathetic and a good listener.
• An ideal agent should enquire about your insurance needs.
• There are many agents out there, deal with the one that you like. If you feel uncomfortable with his advice, change the agent.

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