Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green Cars: What Will They Offer You?

With every passing day, there are a large number of pollutants being diffused in the air due to an increase in number of cars and other vehicles. The need of the hour is to manufacture cars that are environment friendly. In fact governments around the globe are taking initiatives in this direction. And the outcome is the battery cars, alternative fuel, and not forgetting the hybrids.

Battery cars are pollution free, energy efficient and have been researched for long now while alternative fuel making use of ethanol fuel cells and hydrogen rather than gasoline but they are still under exploration. Hybrids are a merger of internal combustion engine and electric motor which reduces the fuel consumption. The gasoline engine support provides energy required to recharge the battery. Two of the most popular examples are Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. These cars have given a new dimension to automobiles and at the same time great fuel efficiency.


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