Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance

Read the following tips in the article to get cheap car insurance – cheap on your wallet and not in quality:

? Get Anti Theft Devices: These days cars come with anti-theft systems which are both automatic and manual. Insurance companies give discount for cars having effective systems.
? Ask for Discount on Multiple Cars: Companies give discounts to customers who get their second cars insured with the same company, but many users are not aware of this fact.
? Go for Yearly Policies: Picking an yearly policy for your car can bring savings for your car insurance. Other formats like six monthly are not that beneficial.
? Pay by EFT: Companies charge delivery charges for mailing payments, but if you use Electronic Funds Transfer, you can avoid this expense.
? See if you can get a Storage Coverage: If your car is going to be stored ideally, get a storage coverage instead of running one. Lower liability takes lower premium.


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