Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cars that had an attitude: The muscle hunks

During the period of 1960s and early 80s, the muscle cars held a prestige due to there powerful torque, V8 engine, higher horse power capacity, enhanced z rated tires, bulky curves and the most thrilling racing experience. Though we have sports cars that are faster, still the muscle cars would not let the former inch closer due to their supreme torque.

They had an elegant style for holding the muscle cars title with no elegance in interiors, all you would experience is the roars of engine, giving you an impression that it is all ready to set the track on fire. No wonder, back in those days, these cars held a reputation of kings. You plan to buy one now? Halt. They are not available as such in market and are nonetheless an item of collection. There are companies planning to introduce these cars again, still they are more into reconditioning the existing ones, availing models like 1969 Barracuda Convertible, 1970 Superbird etc.


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